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Development Generation Africa International (DGAI)… fueling a better future! 

A person perfects himself by work more than by reading and it is life rather than literature, action rather than study, and character rather than biography, which tend perpetually to renovate humanity.

Poverty cannot be abolished by formula; it can be abolished only by hard and intelligent work.

The fundamental law of success – do unto others as you would have them do to you. Put yourself in their place. What is success? It’s doing our level best. It is making the most of our abilities.

Under normal conditions the person who is strong in body, in mind, in character, and in will, never needs to be in poverty. But these qualities can never be developed in an individual unless by his/her own efforts, and the most that any other can do for him/her is, to help him or her to help himself.

The best kind of success is not that which comes by accident, for as it came by chance it will go by chance. The wisest charity, in a vast majority of cases, is helping people to help themselves.

Why is it that some succeed while others fail? HABITS.

There is no mystery in success. The great leaders have told again and again the plain and obvious fact that there can be no permanent success without fair dealing that leads to wide-spread confidence in the individual himself, and that is the real capital we all prize and work for.